#Animal Welfare
Smithfields foods
United Kingdom

Cheap meat comes from factories belonging to huge corporations such as Smithfield’s. Diseases spreading from the pigs to the workers, are linked to SWINE FLU, and many other illnesses. This is due to the fact they force animals pumped with antibiotics, namely pigs, to live in horrendous conditions, never seeing sunlight.

They are out pricing independent farms everywhere, not just in the UK. Relevantly in Poland where many factories have been built. Out priced, the Poles either have to take menial low paid jobs in their factories, or migrate to earn a decent living.

Factory farms completely destroy the surrounding environment with the amount of waste they produce

Please, we the general public have the power to stop this, as these multi million corporations are corrupting many governments. DON’T buy meat without being assured by labels it didn’t come from a factory. Support your local farmer, while they are still there. It is a small price to pay for SAVING COMMUNITIES, stimulating jobs and the environment.

1. The average American saves just $29 dollars a year buying factory farmed meat
2. Reccomended annual meat intake for humans is 0.5kg-the average American intake is 23kg

Just as many independent farms were forced to close due to the high demand of cheap meat, we can force the factories to close by DEMANDING QUALITY MEAT. Together we can put a stop to the cruelty. Do your part; don’t let them get away with killing off our traditional, humane farms.

We the undersigned call on the general public to stop buying factory farmed meat.

We want governments and banks to stop subsidizing factory farms.

We want to stop all production and importation from factory farms.

Thank you

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