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People around the country have gotten a rude surprise since early April with the arrival of Census workers carrying GPS units. Their job is to record the exact longitude and latitude location of the "front door" of every home in America within a 40 foot range of error.

Census has refused to offer any explanation for why this was not announced. The census is taken every ten years. The next one is supposed to be in 2010. This is 2009. There is NO FEDERAL STATUTORY AUTHORITY for what they are doing. They have cited none, because none exists. But they are quick to threaten American citizens with punishment if they do not cooperate.

Instead, they play word games to their advantage for their nefarious purposes.

This conduct is typical of this administration. In typical Chicago thug style, they push people around and have no problem breaking laws themselves. They feel no responsibility to you the American citizen who pays their bills. All take and no give.

Moreover, their false promises about protecting this information is one big lie. There have been too many stories of hackers breaking into and otherwise acquiring huge amounts of sensitive government information. This kind of data, in the wrong hands could be devastating to numerous individuals in this country. It must be stopped now.

Two things need to happen. This illegal GPS census must stop and all collected data must be turned over and destroyed. They are breaking the law and they know it by being so secretive and unresponsive to our demands. So, they must be stopped: By petition, by protests, by shouting at our representatives, and by law.

Despite what they say, they have no right to be on your property. The federal government has made unconstitutional assertions for decades. The same is true here.

So, if you are as alarmed as other Americans, please sign this petition, as well as contacting your representatives and seeking out lawyers to file suit to stop this illegal GPS census.

We, the undersigned, demand the immediate cessation of the GPS census project. This GPS census is illegal, the information collected is illegal and must be destroyed in order to protect individual rights in America.

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