#Children's Rights
against forced adoption
United Kingdom

Social Services are Abducting babies and children of innocent and vunerable people, just to meet their adoption targets, promotions and pay rises! They say 'it's in the best interest of the child' or 'we are protecting children and baby's from future risk of harm', they use the same line every time yet no court seems to argue against them.

Ask yourself, how many kids run away from foster homers or adoptive parents' homes? How many kids get neglected threw this evil system? How many kids end up battered or worse dead? how many kids end up getting sold for money? How many kids are drugged up and used as a sex slave threw social services? How many parents or parents-to-be flee to country to protect their children from monsters like these? social services believe their own sick twisted lies.

At what point does the needs of an innocent victims needs get thought of threw this trauma? I for one strongly disagree with forced adoption because they do not care back your children, they just care about profit. They will try every trick in the book to win, they don't care how many children or birth families are ripped apart by this game. They also say 'you cant look after your child because you have mental health issues' these sick people play a massive part in that!

I strongly recommend you to sign this petition if you are against illegal forced adoption, and want the world to know our heart wrenching stories of what these bureaucrats have done to our families.

Let's bring back our kids, and get the truth out to the people who have adopted our children.

Illegal adoption is out of control and it destroys loving families.

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