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Whenever we think about the biggest issues everyone talk about res-session in Britain or the economic crisis that have been faced by our society. Of course they are one of the most important issues that have been exposed to the people but some of them don't get any attention that they deserve.The issue I am talking about is human trafficking.

This is a really dangerous issue like people who are being victimized looses all their legal and human rights.For Example,Article 8 protects your rights in four areas: your private life, your family life, your home and correspondence. It is a qualified right, which means that your right to respect in these areas can be infringed in certain circumstances. This act is violated in the case of human trafficking but no important steps are taken to stop this. The large population who are been trafficked are of women and children. This means that our present and future both are in danger. The children that are future of our nation are being exploited. The women that are our pride are being victimized brutality and harshly, they are sexually abused.

There aren't strict actions taken by the government as well. Too many human traffickers escape justice in UK, says solicitor general.There were 1,180 victims of trafficking in 2012, and 39 people were prosecuted the previous year, says Oliver Heald. If there won't be any action on the oppressor and prosecutors of human trafficking there would not be any lesson for the others that might help us to stop them. People also do this because of the huge amount of profit it has.As a global industry, human trafficking is worth in excess of $32bn (£20bn) a year.Not only the people are trafficked outside Britain but also they are sent in by other countries that means increase in population that are being exploited and might increase the crime rate further more.

I believe that Government of United Kingdom should take necessary steps against the human trafficking which will stop and threaten the people who dare to do it. This will also encourage people to come forward and work against the human trafficking as it will get exposure and attention from the community. It can save lives of millions of people, as there human and legal rights are taken away.

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We, the undersigned, insist the Government of United Kingdom to introduce laws that protect the residents of the United Kingdom from Human Trafficking.

Moreover, the authorities under government should make sure that the oppressors or the criminals involved in the human trafficking are punished, so that the justice is provided to the victims.

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