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Goverment of Canada

January 20, 2006

Help STOP horse slaughter in Canada please read then Sign your name...

Horses are known and loved throughout our country for many, varied reasons. Horses are considered by some to be symbols of the wild west; to others they are noble, kind animals to ride and admire, Olympic partners, therapeutic riding mounts, and the creatures who provided them with fond memories of summer camp, dude ranches and vacation trail rides. Horses are all this to Canadians and for these reasons and more, we do not eat horses in Canada!

Over 70,000 American live horses and ponies are slaughtered inhumanely every year in the Canada each year, their meat marketed overseas fetching a high price, in countries like France and Belgium. The vast majority of Canadians do not approve of horse slaughter, yet it is still a little known fact that horses are killed for human consumption but when people learn this, they say "no more killing." We have the opportunity to end this tragic and needless brutality now.

This bill would end horse slaughter for food, including exporting both the flesh and live horses. Canadian horses are treasured pets and working companions. They should NOT be on anyone's menu. Foreigners are not entitled to eat our horses and ponies. There are plenty of alternatives for horses whose owners cannot or will not keep them. There are also many alternative and humane endings for these horses. It is the right thing to do. We are waiting.

If you would like to take charge yourself here are some...
Tips for Writing to Members of Congress

It should be no more than one page, preferably two to three short paragraphs. In the first sentence of the first paragraph identify the issue or bill number and whether you want your legislator to support or oppose it. Next, briefly describe why you want them to take this action. Lengthy letters with indirect messages are less likely to be read.

In a hurry?
Hand-written postcards are just as useful as letters. They can simply read: "Dear Representative __________: I urge you to support and cosponsor H.R. 1581. This bill would ban cruel steel-jawed leghold traps which injure and kill wildlife and family pets."

Facts about horse slaughter...

*Last year three foreign-owned slaughter plants cruelly slaughtered more than 65,000 horses for human consumption in Europe and Asia. Tens of thousands more of Canada's horses were exported and slaughtered in other countries.

* Slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia. Horses suffer horribly on the way to and during slaughter.

* 92.3 percent of horses arriving at slaughter plants in this country are in "good" condition.

* The average cost of having a horse
humanely euthanized and safely disposing of the animal's carcass is approximately $225, while
the average monthly cost of keeping a horse is approximately $200.

If you want to stop horse Slaughter in Canada please sign your name here.

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