#Human Rights
United States Government

If a woman has committed a violation the point of view of her family, the family has the "right" to kill her in order to bring honor back to the family name. Not only does this happen in places such as South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa; It happens right in the United States.

As United States citizens, it is our right to know what is happening in our own country. This issue, however, is never spoken about. In 2008, 930 women and girls in the United States alone were killed by a family member in the name of honor. Did you know that?

Please support the fight against honor killings. Women and girls should not have to fear their own family and should feel safe within their own home. This issued should be known by all so please spread the word.

Moreover, please sign this petition to create stricter laws against honor killings, raise more awareness of the crime, and to get news stations to report these malicious acts so citizens become more educated about this major issue.

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