#Animal Rights
States of Guernsey

Equal rights for cats

The GSPCA are called out between 200-300 times to cats that have been injured or killed on Guernsey roads each year. This means that each cat has an estimated 1/33 chance of being injured or killed on our roads annually.

Currently there is no requirement for drivers to report cats involved in RTA’s to the police, GSPCA or Animal Aid. Although cats are free roaming animals we need to ensure cats receive the same protection as dogs do so fewer are left to die on our roads.

Make it law to stop hit and run for cats.

We wish to see the law changed so that if a cat is involved in a RTA it must be reported to the GSPCA, Animal Aid or police. This way they can get help quickly increasing their chance of survival or bringing closure to their families sooner. Please help by signing and making this change happen in Guernsey.

Thank you

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