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City leaders passed a general plan in 2003 that created Town Center zoning for downtown Logan, UT. Zoning for Town Center would be 30 units per acre and not encroach into our residential neighborhoods. In 2017, the Logan Planning Commission with the recommendation of the Planning Department of Logan City, proposed a complete overhaul of the 2003 General Plan. This new plan recommends splitting up Town Center zoning to TC-1 and TC-2.

TC-1 - Main Street zoning would allow density at 70 units per acre and building heights to be 80 feet in height. (With density bonus, density goes to 90 units per acre and height goes to 90 feet.)

TC-2 - Residential streets adjacent to Main Street (100 East and 100 West would allow density at 30 units per acre and building heights to a maximum of 45 feet in height. (With density bonus, density goes to 45 units per acre and height goes to 55 feet).

This severe up-zoning in Logan City is extreme and unwelcome by the citizens of Logan. Throughout Cache Valley, development is being planned and constructed quickly and without proper community input. Citizens must speak up and let their voices be heard on the future of Cache Valley.


High Density Can Be Challenged
We Need Your Help NOW!!!

On June 5th, the Logan City Council will vote on a critical re-zoning to allow high-density apartments to be built on Main Street and along 100 East and 100 West. This will completely change the face of our community.

It is not democratic to not have community input to major decisions that affect the community. Citizen input is critical – not 45 minutes at a single city council meeting. Planning requires a step-by-step process – plan for the next 10 years; then at that point plan for subsequent 10 years.

Your support is needed. If citizens do not get involved, we will lose all we love about Cache Valley. Our valley will change forever and become congested and unlivable. Cache Valley has always been a low-density, family-friendly community.

The City of Logan has been beefing up its Redevelopment Agency coffers in recent years – much of the RDA funding comes from our property taxes. Then “blight” is claimed and developers are paid to come in and change the landscape of our neighborhoods. Our tax dollars are being used against us and being put in developer’s pockets.

Police and fire is currently spread too thin to do an adequate job. The situation will worsen with high-density development and the contracting out of county sheriffs to our Cache Valley cities as is being proposed in North Logan.

The Providence City Council, in an underhanded way, passed the 20-year lifecycle residential zone (home, townhomes, & apartments) with a late-hour vote. (The mayor claimed “no vote tonight” then the Providence City Council approved the plan by unanimous vote.)

The Hampton Hotel on Main Street and 200 North is a shocking eye-sore. More will come and the buildings will be even larger and more intrusive if this high-density zoning is approved.

These changes have ramifications for the whole valley and will change Cache Valley forever. Think about your own city and what is happening. Rapid development is impacting us all. Please sign this petition seeking a more measured approach to development. We want more debate on these important issues. Citizens of Cache Valley expect and demand it.

Stop out-of-control high-density development in Cache Valley

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