Rich Maag
United States of America

The City of Brier has been spraying a broadleaf herbicide in Brierwood park to control the dandelions. Brierwood park is a wetland park and home to a whole list of sensitive animals including frogs, salamander, blue heron, and bald eagles to name a few. The use of herbicide in the park poses a risk to the children who play in the park (many of whom pick the dandelions), the dogs who play ball in the park, which consume the herbicide each time their ball rolls through it, and all the wildlife within the park, and downstream. Herbicides can be lethal to wetland animals such as frogs and salamanders, and articulated in a recent UW article.

In the most recent application in Brierwood park, no signs were posted to warn visitors that the park had just been sprayed.


As a concerned citizen of the local area, we strongly urge Rick Maag at the City of Brier to stop the use of herbicides in Brierwood park. Rick is open to hearing the concerns, will be reviewing this petition, and can be reached directly at (425) 775-5440.

Thank you.

The Stop herbicide spraying in Brierwood Park petition to Rich Maag was written by Ryan Myers and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.