#Animal Rights

I have just seen a video on Facebook of a Muslim man slaughtering a lamb. The lamb is not stunned, it is wide awake as the person starts sawing through his neck. I have seen similar videos through the years and each is the same. One cow took a minute or two to die, thrashing around, fear in his eyes, wondering why he couldn't make a sound as his mouth opened and closed.
This is cruelty at it's most barbaric. These animals are NOT stunned and the smaller ones like lambs are thrown around until they are slaughtered. I saw one video of two Muslim men throwing a lamb against the wall, kicking it and then finally sawing into it's neck.
Does the rspca here in Australia do anything about this cruelty? Do u set up secret cameras or do surprise walkins to see if the halal slaughter is done humanely because barbaric acts are committed on our livestock every day. The RSPCA doesn't do a thing. It ignores this completely. Because if a woman like me living in North Queensland knows what's going on, why doesn't the animal protectors? And if u do, ur organization should be phased out as u are useless. Our animals need us. Will u step up or should I go to the media?

We, the concerned people of Australia, want the RSPCA to investigate the halal slaughter carried out in all our abbatoirs. Due to secret recordings taken of halal slaughter and the distribution of these recordings across social media we know that Muslims are slaughtering our livestock in a cruel and barbaric manner. Sheep being punched and kicked before their necks are literally sawn into, cows living for over a minute after their necks are cut, dying slowly in fear and pain. This is what is happening and we say it must stop....now. No stunning is done and this country demands proper deaths to our livestock.
Why haven't the RSPCA stopped this barbarism? We hold you accountable and demand you set up an enquiry straight away. Your organisation is solely to protect animals from cruelty .....so why is cruelty rife in our abbatoirs? Why aren't their handling of the animals and the slaughtering being monitored regularly?
We demand our animal protection agency who most Australians would have donated to get up and stop this grave misjustice to our animals. Now.

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