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Almost 74% of the guns used in the New York State crimes came from states with weaker gun laws. Even tho a State with may-issue system for gun carry, New York yet is submerged into the world of gun crime. we also found that guns that were seemingly trafficked were more likely to come from states that don’t neighbor New York but have lax gun laws. Florida, Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia contributed 61 percent of the guns brought into State of New York.

In each of States we hear of the gun crimes. So we do hear in New York. Have you ever wondered how a state with strict gun laws can have such a high rate of gun crimes? The problem exactly stands at the gun trafficking that includes at about 74% of the guns used on New York crimes. The source of these guns are mainly the south states of US as Florida, Georgia etc. which have weaker gun laws meaning an easy way for all the gun dealers to purchase and sell. New York gun laws seem not functional nor helpful on reducing this problem. Hopefully our voice and each of you contributors can help on signing this petition in order to be sent at the government for a better change.

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