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The government says all public services face sell-off. NHS put at risk under new Tory government. Benefit cuts creating a divided Britain causing unnecessary poverty.

This Tory government has turned all his anger and Britains economic crisis on the sick the unemployed and the elderly.

This has got to stop.

Stop the cuts.


Stop the cuts. Stop targeting the sick, the unemployed and the elderly.

The NHS in real terms will be cut by £1bn
The unemployed facing housing benefit cuts partial privatisation of the welfare state, cuts in incapacity benefits the list is endless. Winter fuel bills being cut for the elderly

How is anybody who is not as well off expected to live with rising costs of living inc food, fuel and priority bills.
It's got to stop and with your help it will and could be raised in parliament.

Something has to be done about this also if you are lucky to find work in government funded jobs you are likely to face redundancy.

Please sign this petition.

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