#Civil Rights
Great Britain

Ghosts have always traditionally been portrayed as both dead, and fully clothed in the attire in which they jossed it (escaped their mortal coils). No matter what your views on any form of afterlife, only a complete moron who had spent too long investigating spirits of a more `bottled` nature could ever believe that the clothes the deceased was wearing at the time of their demise would also somehow become `ghostified`.
It is a complete joke to assume any clothing material would assume any spiritual nature simply because the person who happened to be wearing it should cease to exist in any physical form. Any civilized ghost would choose to reappear in the form in which they first took residence on earth - naked.
The time has come to put a stop to our ghosts appearing fully, or even partly dressed as it is an insult to our very humanity and intelligence.
The time has come to stand up for our ghosts and demand their human rights as dead people!

We, the undersigned call for an end to ghosts wearing clothes, not learning to adopt the accents and mannerisms of their current environments, and hardly ever being disabled or of mixed race origin.

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