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The use of GE (genetically engineered, or GMO genetically modified organism) crops has been a growing issue of contention in recent years. Health, agricultural and environmental advocates are pushing for more testing, mandatory labeling of GE products, and ultimately the banning of GE products completely.

The articles below reference Monsanto Canada's announcement in June, that it will expand its products further into Western Canada. Monsanto has indicated that genetically engineered foods will solve world hunger. One article reassures that crop yields are only lower than traditional methods, when farmers use the product incorrectly. However, other independent studies show crops produce lower yield when the farmer uses it right as well. It is also well documented that the issues of world hunger are not due to a lack of food, but in the political and distribution systems that manage food security.

Still, seeds are genetically engineered with pesticides, while farmers, beekeepers, consumers, wildlife, the environment, and our future, all stand to be devastated.

Up until now, governments, and industry (such as Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Syngenta), have argued that genetically modified foods and products are safe. However, independent studies and testing have proven they are not.

Labelling is required. We continue to eat GM foods daily without knowing it because most products in our grocery stores include genetically modified ingredients, and are not labelled, which deters freedom of choice.

A monopoly of the world's food system should not be allowed. Five companies account for 58 percent of the world’s commercial seed sales and ownership of seed is patented. These patents mean farmers cannot save seed for future plantings, so they lose autonomy and we all lose biodiversity forever. Once we lose diverse species of crops, we cannot undo this. Also, when small organic farmers' crops are contaminated by Monsanto's genetically engineered patented material (brought on the wind or by pollinating insects), the farmer is bullied in court for years by big business, and held liable for large sums of money small farmers don't have. It doesn't help that crop yields can decrease and the environment suffers when soil degrades irreparably. Globally, farmer suicide deaths have risen dramatically as a direct result of all these stressors.

We have seen the tragic effects in the decrease of the bee species, bees that our children and grandchildren rely on for future biodiversity on earth.

The evidence and support against GMOs (GE) are mounting.

It seems farmers, but perhaps few other people, may be aware how aggressive Monsanto is going after Canadian agricultural profits. We need to be aware so we can act accordingly before it is too late. I am hopeful that in addition to accepting my letter for publication, that your media outlet could do a corresponding piece on this new announcement. Thanks in advance for covering this very important local, Canadian and global story.

Public outcry DOES work. It is reported that Monsanto contracts the mercenary firm "Blackwater", to track activists around the world; Monsanto has seen the results when the people band together to voice concern. Due to overwhelming concern expressed by farmers, consumers, and public health officials, governments are beginning to require review of herbicide-resistant pesticides and genetic engineering of crops. Many countries in the world, and some US states, have banned GEGMO altogether, or until independent testing and peer review is sufficiently completed. Canada is lagging.

Canadians must continue to lobby Health Canada. Our government claims GMO products are safe, based on the thin and biased research of the big five companies who stand to profit. We need to demand independent GM product product testing be started in Canada. Canadians have the human right to choose what we put in our bodies, and for the due diligence of our government to do the testing in labs, and not use the general Canadian population as guinea pigs.

Canadians must continue to tell the big five, and the companies who allow their products to be ingredients in their products, that they must stop their Orwellian control over the world food system. We must demand they stop lobbying 'against' GMO labelling, and 'against' us, the 83% of the general populace who are lobbying 'for' labelling. We must demand they start labelling. It is our human right to not be monopolized by corporations, and to have choice.

Canadians should be encouraged to write their MP, MPP and PM. Politicians do handle letters and respond to media attention of issues. Also, Canadians can strengthen the collective public voice, by taking part in events like the July 24th "Monsanto Video Revolt", and October “March Against Monsanto". These events take place around the world, as coordinated days of action and protest. They rally calls for further scientific research on the health effects of GE foods, for the labelling of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods we eat daily, and ultimately for a complete ban on GE crops. These awareness events also educate people so they can make their own decisions; Canadians can use their dollars to vote non-GMO when they buy organic non-GMO instead.

We must continue to fight for our freedom; and can not allow these multinational chemical companies' to continue dominating the world's food supply, and literally forcing it down our throats!


concerned citizen

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Article Reference: http://www.monsanto.ca/newsviews/Pages/NR-2013-04-08.aspx

The use of GE (genetically engineered, or GMO genetically modified organism) crops has been a growing issue of contention in recent years.

Globally, advocates (health, agricultural and environmental) are pushing for more testing, mandatory labeling of GE products, and ultimately the banning of GE products. Farmers, beekeepers, consumers, wildlife, valuable insects such as bees and butterflies, the environment (soil, water), and our future, all stand to be devastated otherwise.

We ask the government to mandate Health Canada to stop relying on external studies often sponsored by the very companies that profit. We ask the government to mandate Health Canada perform its own independent Canadian testing of GMOs over a lengthy duration.

We ask that the government suspend the use of patented seed pesticides from any imported or Canadian crops and products, and revisit that decision only after long term Canadian GE testing is complete.

We ask the government to consider the Supreme Court ruling that hold farmers are to be held liable for illegal patent use, when their farms are contaminated by GE seed (i.e. on the wind).

We ask the government to take responsibility for its error in allowing seed into our borders without unbias Canadian testing, by providing financial assistance to farmers transitioning away from GE seed. (They must burn their fields to purge the patented seed, and wait for land to be useable again in several years.)

We ask the government to stop allowing the chemical companies (such as Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and Syngenta) to lobby against our efforts for GMO labelling.

We ask the government to suspend Monsanto's tracking (via the mercenary firm they have hired, "Blackwater") of innocent people who are simply concerned about GMOs and their effects on health, species and environment.

We ask the government to stop allowing Orwellian control of our Canadian food system, by a monopoloy of companies.

We ask the government to immediately ban the import and use of any products containing Neonicotinoids, found in the GE products that have now been proven as cause of so many bee deaths.

We ask the government to create additional startup assistance programs for organic and Non-GMO farmers attempting to compete with big GE companies.

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