#Neighborhood Living
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Attorney General, Public Utilities Commission
United States of America

For years residents being serviced by the North Springs Improvement District have been defrauded and dealt exorbitant water utilization bills outlining usage exceeding 100,000 gallons of water within a month's time frame for an average size single family home. Technicians are trained to attribute the outrageous water bills to extended irrigation usage, leaky toilets and pipes, and water theft. However, NSID has expressed they do not feel the complaints need further attention hence proving their commitment to theft and increasing their bottom line rather than conducting a proper investigation for resolution. Residents being serviced by NSID shouldn't have to pay for resources they do not utilize. We need a proper audit of all accounts, provide residents with refunds for billed overages, and an investigation and prosecution of parties involved with this possible federal offense.

We, the undersigned, call on all residents being serviced by NSID to take action and stop them from the continuance of overbilling regardless how minimally you feel their unethical and unlawful practices have impacted your personal finances. We ask that our community and state leaders protect the interest of the people that put them in office as they have been chosen to be our voice. It is imperative that the people, community and state leaders, along with the Attorney General Pam Bondi put an end to this abuse.

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