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The violence is Syria has continued to escalate. Rebel forces have been propped up by foreign governments, allowing them to increase their capacity for violence--rebel forces that are fragmented, and composed of extremists and foreign mercenaries.

Rebels have used torture, committed massacres, assassinated countless civilians, engaged in acts of terrorism, and have openly boasted of many of these atrocities. They have repeatedly refused to co-operate with each other, or engage in peace talks.

The Syrian government has also committed atrocious acts, but the argument here is not who is worse, it is that this violence will not--and cannot possibly--be put to an end by providing even more weapons to the mix.

More guns, more bullets and more fighters can only result in more chaos and higher casualties. As with other recent affairs, a no-fly-zone is little more than an excuse to commence an all-out war. The "red line" of chemical weapons use apparently has been crossed yet, as with the WMDs in Iraq, no evidence is being made publicly. Demands for President Assad to step down are made, with no reasonable room for negotiation.

The Syrian government has shown willingness to discuss political change, but change comes slowly. Syria is little different from many countries in its region--perhaps not ideal by western standards but, until this violence began , had already begun shifting towards a more open government.

More weapons being added to this calamity are part of the problem, not the solution. Please, join us to pressure the Australian government to stand up and say that this is not acceptable.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian government to lobby the international community to cease all interference in Syria, to halt all supply and support for rebel forces, and for all nations to instead seek any desired change in Syria's government through peaceful, diplomatic channels.

We refuse to allow this situation to be escalated by the international community, for violence to be considered acceptable as the language of change, for the preventable loss of life of men, women and children to continue.

We demand that our elected leaders stand up and make their voices heard. We demand that peace in Syria be pursued through peaceful means, until all such means have been tried and exhausted, until all available methods have been used, until nothing else remains to be done.

As Australians, we condemn moves towards escalating this violence, and demand to be represented in this matter, and for our voices to be heard.

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