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Lambeth Council
United Kingdom

Mr Jonas Nartey, of Elmina Restaurant and Bar, on the junction of Norwood Road and Lancaster Avenue, West Norwood SE27, has applied for an extended drinking licence until 4 am, as well as a new licence for dancing and music till the same time (Licence no 05/02420/PREMLI/325).

We believe that a late night establishment of this kind is not in keeping with the area, and that if this license was granted, then it would have a huge negative impact on the area and its residents.

Some of the reasons against granting this application, as well as possible effects of allowing late night drinking, music and dancing include:

1. Increased public nuisance such as noise, litter and pollution.
2. Potential harm to children, especially disturbed sleep.
3. Public safety: detrimental to the health and well being of ourselves, our children, other dependants and the elderly and other people using our streets for their journeys.
4. Increased crime such as kerb-crawling, gangs, gun and knife crime, car crime, drug dealing.
5. Increased traffic, dangerous parking, congestion.
6. Detrimental to the well being of our communities on both sides of Norwood High Street, Lancaster Avenue and York Hill.
7. There is already a club above Iceland, Norwood High Street.
8. Residents on York Hill already suffer public nuisance from church.

If you agree with any of these issues in relation to Elmina's application, then please sign this petition. We will be forwarding the signatures to Lambeth Council, and must do this by Friday 19th March so please help gather support as soon as possible! Thank you for your support!

We, the undersigned residents of West Norwood, strongly object to the application by proprietor Mr Jonas Nartey, of Elmina Wine Bar and Restaurant, 463 Norwood Road, SE27 9DJ to:

a) extend the licensing hours for alcohol consumption until 4am
b) introduction of live music followed by DJ
c) and dancing until 4 am

This is not in keeping with the neighbourhood and does not benefit the local community. It is especially detrimental to the wellbeing of young children whose sleep will be disturbed by the noise levels.

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