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I tried to think of something that would make people change their mind. But I don't have any numbers or facts that will sweep you off your feet. I only have one thing and that is my dog Teo who was rescued from Pakrac killing station.

Every single day when I look into his innocent eyes I remember all of his friends who are out there in Pakrac killing station waiting to be executed because human society gave up on them. This made me feel obliged to change something.Who ever says that dogs don't have feelings,that they don't know what is happening to them or around them should spend one single day with Teo. He is amazing dog, full of love, compassion, such a gentle giant he is and he is so caring and loving and very much aware of his terrible past.

Sometimes at night when he sleeps on his blanket I watch him and I can see he is dreaming of something and then I wonder is he perhaps dreaming of all the bad people and bad things that happened in his past. He can't tell. But I feel an obligation to be his voice and to help his friends who stayed out there in Pakrac killing station waiting on execution.

So please lets be their voice, sign this petition and lets make a change in our society. Many thanks from Teo and me.

STOP! euthanasia in Pakrac killing station.

The STOP EUTHANASIA IN PAKRAC KILLING STATION petition to vet.st.pk@po.t-com.hr grad@pakrac.hr was written by Anamaria Dumbovic and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.

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