#Civil Rights
The Whitehoue
United States of America
covert operations of the National Security Agency (NSA)

There is a large number of persons within the United States that are being targeted by the same communities that are being paid by the taxpayers to ensure our civil and human rights issues.

Those agencies are using "eavesdropping" techniques and tracking persons throughout their daily lives and this is a direct violation of the United States civil and human rights policies. The techniques are called HUMINT, COMINT, ELINT, SOSUS, and, as I understand, there is yet other methods that have been developed that will get these criminals into your home and track you with every move, both in and out of your home.

Please be kind enough to ascertain that you, your family and your friends are not being targeted at all cost to our rights.

Those agencies that allegedly have access to these eavesdropping technques are the NSA, Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defense, to name a few. It is my understanding that terrorists are also using the same methods.

We do not know who is actually doing this to us and there is an ongoing lawsuit against the use of these techniques.

Please sign the petition and get this atrocity stopped immediately. It could be happening not only to you but to your child lying in his/her crib and your elderly parents and/or grandparents.

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