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Government of Punjab

A case was registered against the suspects at a Police station for raping a teenager girl and later on throwing her help less in the hotel's room. Where later her parents were called to pick her up.

This news wasn't spread nation wide because the people who raped the girl belonged from a political party and they had power over the police sector.

The Fact is this that there are a lot of such things going in our country Pakistan where girls and women are always suppressed to do things they don't want to. Now We want Our Government to make rules where women can stand side by side to men and can have secure future. This is our Request to the Government to make further more rules in this section so we can make our environment safe of People.

For Further news:http://www.geo.tv/article-208797-Lahore-gang-rape-suspects-sent-on-physical-remand-

If you won't start speaking now it may be too late.

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