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Euro Palace - Selling an image of fake cultural diversity
On a cold new years eve. People travel from Mannheim , Amsterdam and Michigan to party in the city called Mainz in Germany. Its bizarre that even with reservations some of these people get refused entry with no reason provided. Its even worse when some of them are embarrassed and insulted. The Club Euro Palace in Mainz, claims to promote cultural diversity. But are we experiencing discrimination in the 21st century by people with hidden primitive motives ? They paint a deceptive picture in the social media that is far from the truth.

The fact that these people were refused entry to these club defies all Moral conduct and goodwill of humanity. So sad on new years eve night. Worst of all some of these people were there just a day before. This implies that the security grants entry based on how they feel not logic or reason. This also implies that people only get access when they are lucky, especially non German people. Blacks get discriminated the most. The website does not clearly state terms and conditions of entry or reservation. All of these go against the General Equal treatment act. It goes against United Nations laws on equality. It goes against German and Schengen business laws of discrimination. Given the fact that some people were also defamed, insulted, embarrassed and all of these seems to be accepted by certain people, defies all honour, integrity and a common global social spirit.

It is strongly recommend that such clubs change their practises. It also makes sense for the operation management of this establishment to issue a public apology and desist from this practise for their own good and the general good. Appropriate disclaimers should be put in their site. Defamed people should be compensated appropriately. Nobody is perfect, including the security at the door or the person writing this article. However, justice always prevails.

As submitted to:
BCC, Mannheim/Mainz Night Mayor, German Chancellor, American Embassy, All listed partners in Euro Palace website, Dutch Embassy, 15 Human rights agencies in Sweden and Germany , European ombudsman

No human is more better than another human being. So clubs in Germany should stop discriminating against blacks or certain people from entry, this is, accessing a social service. Everyone has the right to do so..

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