#Animal Rights
Misty Blaylock
United States of America

I believe in Ohio we should be able to save our pit bulls. Recently one got stolen from me but I went to the pound to check the lost dogs which they only hold for 3 days anyways.

I found out that all dogs lost after those 3 days get put up for adoption except pit bulls who end up being killed!!!

I understand they don't want to be liable if something happens after the dog gets adopted. We can create an "As is" clause in adopting animals so people can not come back and sue the pound or kennels. And also it is prejudice that they discriminate against such dogs they consider dangerous when the fact of the matter is any dog can bite, become aggresive, or be dangerous, its all on how they are raised.

I am currently reasearching my options on who to forward this information to in order to get this changed so if anyone has any suggestion let me know please.

Stop discrimination against Pit Bulls in Ohio!

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