#City & Town Planning
Bayonne, NJ residents and business owners
United States of America


Historic Property, 1898 Emmett Smith-Dr. Orleanski Mansion, 124 W 5th Street, (convergence of Trask Avenue, West 5th Street, and JFK Blvd.), Bergen Point, Bayonne, NJ. This house is ALSO known as 101-111 Trask Avenue. IT IS SIX CITY LOTS ON TAX ROLL, to be demolished, subdivided, and developed!

Have EVERY adult in your household, neighborhood, Facebook account, and email lists SIGN! They do NOT need to be local. Historic preservation is a GLOBAL MOVEMENT!

Imagine the consequences if this house is replaced with the planned 4 or more two-family contractor's special!

SHOW YOU CARE ... Come to the Dec.1st Historic Preservation Commission meeting at 7:00 pm in City Hall Council Chamber. LET'S FILL the CHAMBER!!! Carpool, bus, bike, or hike, just be there!

This rare historic Bayonne landmark is slated for demolition depending on the outcome of the HPC Dec. 1st meeting!


We, the undersigned, call on the Mayor of Bayonne and Bayonne City Council to stop the planned demolition of 101-111 Trask Avenue, aka 124 W. 5th St. (convergence of Trask Avenue, West 5th Street, and JFK Blvd., Bergen Point, Bayonne, NJ.).

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