#Role Playing
Facebook Corp

Stop deactivating role players seriously they are not hurting anyone. Yeah so you guys want to make sure people know who they are talking to, but the whole point of role playing is being someone else. People are aware that they are talking to someone who is not who their name says they are.

You are going to start losing a lot of people who are going to switch. Change your terms and conditions and allow role players it is our risk to take. I have friends who role play and a few are getting really depressed because people keep reporting their accounts and you guys keep deleting them, for what?
Because they are using a different name that people were well aware was not their own? Tell me.

When you were little did you not want to be someone else? A movies star, a spaceman, perhaps? How about Ash from Pokemon, or any of the other characters from back then? Well that is what role playing is being the character that you always wanted to be, Ash from Pokemon, Buzz Light-year from toy story, Shaggy from Scooby doo, Angel from Buffy the vampire slayer... ect. Or have you ever had a bad day at the office and just wanted to escape from reality for a little while? Have you ever had that day where you wanted to be someone else? Are you shy or sub conscious? Well picture coming home booting up your computer and signing on to Facebook except it is not your real life one it is a role play account, guess what? Now you are confident, outgoing, why? Because no one knows it is you behind the computer screen you can act anyway you want without worrying about people judging you because everyone is doing the same thing.

Role players are using their imaginations using this website to broadcast their creativity and you are taking that away. For every account you delete you are erasing, memories, friendships, relationships, months of hard work creating characters finding pictures, story lines, so much time and effort gone. Some also use it to escape the stress of reality whether it is being bullied in school or having a bad day in general. Not only that but the fandoms are like families they all laugh, cry, share their lives together both real life and role play. Some of them do not have real families or are not close to them. I hear all the time how some of them say their role play families care more about them then their real life ones do.

Stop deleting accounts simply because they do not have their real names and start deleting the ones who spread hate and violence and leave the role players alone.

Every day Facebook is deactivating more and more Role play accounts for the simple fact that we are not using our real names. And to make matters worse now we can not even make new accounts after our old ones have been disabled because Facebook is requiring all new accounts to come with a phone number or a state ID.

We understand that Facebook is trying to keep us safe by making sure we know exactly who we are talking to, but it is getting ridiculous since we know full well we are talking to people who are someone other than what their name says.

This petition is for Facebook to stop deleting our role play accounts.

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