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We, the undersigned, do not want David Tennant to give up his role playing the Doctor in Dr. Who. Since the programme began in in the 60s there have been many doctors who all brought their own unique style to the part, but none as unique as David Tennant.

David is the best Doctor there has ever been and we are not ready yet for him to give up the role. The programme gets better and better and we are sure that David could give us just a couple of more series before he gives up.

This petition is for all Dr Who fans out there who do not want David Tennant to give up his role of the Doctor yet. David's 'Doctor' is the best there has ever been since the programme began in the 1960s and it would be nice to see him in just couple more series and not go out after the 4 'specials' in 2009.

If we all join forces and sign this petition and send it to the BBC maybe they will think again and try and talk David into staying for the next 3 years at least.

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