Us House of Representatives & EVERY KNOWN Cyberbullying Task Force
United States of America

I myself, as have many good standing people in my community, have been the target of smear campaigns that made a noticable change in the results of a current job search for myself, and the standing other members have within the community.

I am sure the results could be replicated in other regions of the US. This site provides anonymity which allows a person to believe they are not accountable for their actions.

This is not an idea we want promoted in today's society; a society in turmoil as it is.

We the undersigned, call on Congress to take action against the website Topix.com.

They have been sliding under the radar for far too long; having been allowed to get away with extreme promotion of cyberbullying, slander, and defamation of character that has proven to have lasting effects on many in my community as I am sure it has nationwide. I invite you visit the website, type in the zip code 45656 for my community and feast your eyes upon the destruction being done through this site in my community alone.

Their blatant disregard to enforce their own "terms of use" policy is astounding. I have personally contacted them on many occasions concerning posts about myself and other members of my community; posting trashing people that have just died, or lost a family member. I have never received a viable response. There has never been any action taken.

I am hoping that we can bring this site to justice; showing them that those who break, bend or even ignore the law should be held accountable for their disregard of human rights.

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