Dual-Office Seekers
United States of America

New York is the most corrupt state in America. Over 30 sitting state legislators have been indicted or convicted in the past decade. And yet New York lags behind in ethics reforms. In many places, there are already stringent restrictions on dual-office seeking. Let's make our elected officials' intentions transparent and open to the public. Add your name to our petition telling all New York politicians: Don’t run for two offices at once. Not on our watch.

We need to fight public corruption. Supporters of a specific political race must be able to trust that their donations are being used for the purposes they intended--not transferred by candidates to their other campaign purses. While running for President, Bill de Blasio transferred funds and was an absent Mayor. We need to limit opportunities for politicians to exploit campaign finance loopholes and obscure their true intentions.

In some states, running for two offices at once is illegal. But in all states, it’s unethical. As election law expert James A. Gardner says, “There are very legitimate reasons to prohibit people from running for two offices. It does not necessarily speak to the great commitment of the candidate to any particular constituency.”

Power stems from We the People. We can and should tell politicians that they can’t run for two offices at one time.

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