#Law Reform
Mi Congress, Mayor of madison heights
United States of America

Madison Heights Mi. is a tiny town with nothing to offer adults or youth for entertainment or fun. Just 100 cops patrolling the streets and arresting and harrassing people who do no harm whatsoever. They treat them harshly and cuff and push them around and let them suffer in the most disgusting holding cell that is unsanitary, with blood spattered on the walls. A filthy concrete-stone box with a half inch vinyl pad covered with filth and germs and a filthy piece of cloth with holes to supposedly keep warm with, shivering all night as if they killed someone.

Instead of having had a few drinks in the house, decided instead of waking anyone, to go to their car to listen to low music and talk w a friend and the friend decides to turn on the car for a little heat for 45 seconds, and never in a million years would have made the decision to operate their vehicle. If, could or might have stands, then anyone could or might at any time do anything harmful or go to their car and drive it under the influence. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Is reason to arrest people? Then arrest all people in the bars that are under the influence because they coulda, woulda, shoulda. It is the most absurd law that 95% of people are not aware of, because it's so ridiculously obvious that it is only to collect money for this one horse, broke, ugly, despicable, jobless pit of a worthless city, and that ignores calls to the police when a parent can't control a child from running away to do drugs after hitting the parent. The cop coldly says "oh go be a parent" and offers no help. Too busy writing tickets and collecting money.

Shame on Madison Heights and the people who run it. Shame on you cowards as cops. Oh and let their drunk driving buddies go drive home. Shame on the Madison Heights cops.

Help the youth. Knock on doors, you'll find hundreds of kids alone and doing drugs or have no food. Do something worthwhile. Help the kids in this miserable broke city. I would be glad to donate and run fundraisers cause obviously you need it. Don't take it, accept it.

We, the undersigned, call on the lawmakers, police, The Mayor, our local congressan to stop harassment by police and help the children and youth in need of so much.

Do something for the good of this city. It's only falling apart. The old *K-Mart is a perfect location for kids of all ages to go and hang out, have fun. I would be the first to help organize and volunteer for activities.

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