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Stop Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation and the South Charlotte Soccer Association from Constructing the Flat Branch Sports Complex by Polo Ridge Elementary School

In 2001, the land by Polo Ridge Elementary School was purchased in 2001 with 1999 General Obligation Bonds with the intent of developing a community park and nature preserve. In 2004, CMS identified this land known as the Flat Branch site as a location they wanted to pursue for a joint school and park. That same year, the voters agreed on a bond package, which included money to jointly develop athletic complexes. Parks & Rec solicited bids to develop the land and allegedly the only one that responded was the South Charlotte Soccer Association (SCSA).

The North Carolina Open Public Meetings Act requires the Mecklenburg Parks & Rec to put this community on proper notice of the full extent of its plans. The only meeting that ever took place was in October of 2007; however, at this meeting, Parks & Rec failed to provide the Community with a copy of the SCSA proposal that included stadium lights, concession stand, PA system, and restrooms. In addition, Parks and Rec failed to provide this Community with the Master Plan with the lights diagramed to review at that meeting. Parks & Rec failed to provide us with information that would allow us to have an open discourse on the full impact SCSA’s plans would have on our children’s safety, parking, noise, lights, property values, etc.. No one in this community knew that the lights are going to remain on until 10:30 pm almost every day during the week for half the year. We also have note been advised as to how they will handle parking.

What was originally supposed to be a community park is now turning into a sports complex with up to 12 stadium light poles, a concession stand, restrooms & perhaps a PA sound system.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who implore the Mecklenburg Parks & Rec and the SCSA to immediately cease all activities and further development of the sports complex at Polo Ridge Elem. School and remove the stadium light poles that were put into the ground.

We further urge Parks & Rec and the SCSA to reconfigure the Master Plan that is consistent with the size of our community, and designed with the Community’s input and feedback.

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