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This Petition Comes has been filed because It has come to this writers attention that State Agencies are removing children from their homes for unlawful reasons in which violate the parents and their children's constitutional and Civil Rights. There have also been numerous parents that have had their parental rights terminated with out due process of Law in which is a devastating act that not only destroys the family unit it also traumatizes the children and leaves them with feelings of abandonment , stability loss, trust and anger, to just name a few .. in which could have negative long lasting effects on these children that can effect them for a lifetime. not to mention the effects of the stability of the cherished family unit.
When researching the Oregon Revised Statute this writer found in ORS §§419B.500; 419B.502; 419B.504; 419B.506; 419B.508. in which states the
Grounds which can be used to remove these children:" Abandonment or extreme parental disinterest, abuse/neglect, mental illness or deficiency,
alcohol or drug induced incapacity, failure of reasonable efforts, sexual abuse, abuse/neglect or loss of rights of another child, failure to maintain contact, failure to provide support, childʼs best interest, felony assault of child or sibling, murder/manslaughter of sibling child, single or recurrent incident of extreme
conduct toward the child, criminal conduct of parent, identity or location of parent(s) unknown, exposure to methamphetamine's."
Upon further investigation, this writer discovered that 80 percent of the children that get taken out of their homes and placed in the states care get raped, abused , molested, and some children die while in these foster care facilities.

We Citizens, Tax Payers and Parents need to stand up and be the Voice these children and demand that the law and standard operational procedure be changed, implemented and closely monitored to provide a level of protection these children deserve and desperately need.
Numerous state workers who don't do there job by the book who pick and choose who to help and who not to allow these horrendous acts of abuse against these innocent children.
We need to bring attention to the government and insist that these acts stop! federal law makers, congressmen, representatives, governors and The President of the United States, after being advised of this horrific acts of child abuse and illegal separation of families from their children will stand and protect our children and the cherished family unit and if for any reason they fail to do so we as tax payers and voters will insure that a different voice who has the same values of and ideas of protection and rights we need to live free and keep our families out of the prying eyes and hands of the corrupted state employees who think that they have the right to protect and destroy who they see fit.
please stand and be the much needed voice of the families and children who need the protection and rights that we as United States
citizens were born under.
join us in this quest to be a part of the solution and fix this problem.
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