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Philippine government

This Petition seeks to STOP the common practice of confiscation of mobile/cell phones from the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) by:

- the staff of the Philippine government owned shelter houses upon arrival of the distressed workers seeking government protection from abusive employers;

- the staff of recruitment agencies licensed by the Philippine government;

- the staff of accredited recruitment agencies in the labor receiving countries, subjecting the OFWs to body searches, including body cavity search;

- the employers who are in the approved overseas employers list of the Philippine government.

The OFWs, already facing the uncertainties of employment or repatriation, their desperate situations, become more desperate when their cell phones are confiscated, effectively cutting off needed emotional support from families and friends.

Additionally, confiscating cell phones from abused workers discourages them from seeking refuge since they will be experiencing more isolations at the Philippine government owned shelters.

This Petition asserts the basic rights of the OFWs to communicate with the outside world via their cell phones.

We, the undersigned, urge the Philippine government to:

#1 STOP the confiscation of OFWs' cellphones at the Philippine government owned shelter houses for distressed workers.

#2 REVOKE the license of recruitment agencies that confiscate cell phones from the OFWs.

#3 REVOKE the accreditation of recruitment agencies in labor receiving countries that confiscate cell phones from the OFWs.

#4 REVOKE the permit to hire from overseas employers who confiscate cell phones from the OFWs.

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