National Band Council of Australia

The NBCA continues to include the Parade March as a compulsory component of the Australian National Band Championships, despite a majority of bands and band members disliking it's inclusion.

The Band Movement has undergone great change in the past 40 years. Bands that used to do nothing but march in parades now present concerts and play a different style of music.

Marching continues to project an image of Bands that is rooted in the 19th century, and has not changed since 1950.

Particularly at the Nationals, bands work hard to perform high quality music to a very high standard, and project an image of bands as an oustanding musical activity.

The Parade simply projects bands as average musical organisations, and undoes the day-to-day work that bands do to promote banding as a contemporary activity.

This proposal does not suggest stopping the parade. Rather, it suggests that those who believe in marching can continue to march. The NBCA should give bands the option to projecting this image, or wanting to move forward with a new image of banding as a MUSICAL rather than MOVEMENT activity.

The NBCA should make the Parade of Bands at the Australian National Championships a VOLUNTARY rather than a COMPULSORY activity as soon as possible.

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