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Clawson City Council and Clawson Parks and Recreation Department
United States of America

A new skate park has been built in the Clawson City Park in Clawson, MI. Since the installation of this skate park; it has been the most used facility in the whole park area. It has come to the attention of the city council that the skateboarders are using the cul-de-sac as a run off from the stair set.

The city has receive complaints from drivers that the skateboarders are riding into the street without looking. Their solution to this is to install bollards or traffic pylons at the end of the stair set to stop the skaters. This was never discussed with the skate park committee, the skaters themselves, or the community. The pylons are not only dangerous to the skaters but they destroy the hard work of the skate park builders who made such an effort to create a great park for the community to enjoy.

The City of Clawson spent over $200,000 to build the skate park in the park. All plans were approved for the build. The stair set run off would have been longer but botched soil sample readings called for a redesign of the skate park, which was also approved for building.

Though the city won't put up warning signs for drivers to be cautious; I believe it's the drivers job to watch out for the skaters. They're the ones in operation of a motor vehicle and should be conscious of what is going on around them.

I represent the skaters who enjoy the new park. It would be awful to see such a great accomplishment defaced by those who do not understand us. We view this as an attack of ignorance and discrimination.

We, the undersigned, call to stop the installation of bollard/traffic pylons in the Clawson Skatepark.

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