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Clarkson Rd. Presbyterian Church and Bell Mobility

On November 16, 2011, the neighbours that live within 90 metres of Clarkson Rd Presbyterian Church received a notice from Bell Mobility via their consultants, Altus Group.

The notice outlined that a cellular tower will be constructed within the Church property. The proposed cellular tower should be 31 m over and above the tree line in the north west corner of the Church parking lot.

On December 14, 2011, Altus Group on behalf of Bell Mobility held an "information session" confirming that the Church and Bell Mobility have entered into a rental agreement and the construction of the cellular tower is forthcoming. This negotiation process between the Church and Bell Mobility had been ongoing for over a year, according to Rev. John Crowdis of the Clarkson Rd. Presbyterian Church.

We, the concerned residents of Clarkson and Lorne Park strongly oppose the construction of the cellular tower. We are concerned that that this cellular tower does not meet the needs or concerns of the local community. We feel that the location provides no positive benefit to the community.

Furthmore, some of our other concerns are as follows:

>Neither Heath Canada nor Industry Canada is willing to offer written confirmation that cellular tower emissions do not pose a health risk to children, pregnant women, cancer survivors, and the elderly;

>Without research, the residents and the children of the Montessori School, living and attending school between the hydro and cell towers may be at risk;

>The physical appearance of a cell tower 31 metres above the tree line in the middle of a residential area and it's negative effect on property values;

>The process to notify and educate the residents of the community has been inadequate and misleading;

>More suitable sites, that are not within residential areas, may not have been considered;

>Bell Mobility has not provided convincing evidence that the local community needs the cell tower.

We, the undersigned, oppose Bell Mobility and Clarkson Rd. Presbyterian Church erecting a cellular tower at 1338 Clarkson Rd North.

If Bell and Clarkson Rd Presbyterian Church should continue with the cellular tower construction, we will withdraw our services from Bell.

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