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China, Cambodia, ASEAN Countries, USA and UN

This petition was created by Khmer Anti-Poverty Party and initially written by Dr. Anise Ahmed, Environmental Engineer

Petition to the Honorable Secretary of State Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton

Seventy [70] million people live in the Mekong watershed. The Mekong River and the Tonle Sap Flood Lake of Cambodia are home to some 400 species of fish. For centuries, millions of Cambodians among those living in the lower Mekong region rely on the rich natural resources this river has provided for their livelihood. Thus, the life cycle of these indigenous people is invariably linked with the life cycle of the Mekong River which is invariably linked with the life cycle of the fisheries.

Dams on the Mekong River have threatened to cause extinction to the fish species because they prevent fish from being able to migrate upstream to the headwaters area to spawn. These dams also constrict the natural flow of the river which further affects rice production and agricultural activities in the Mekong Delta. China has plans for building a total of eight dams in the upstream area of the Mekong River. It continues to pursue dam building and controlling the flow of water to downstream countries including Cambodia without any regards for the livelihood of millions of people. China has persistently ignored the hardship it has inflicted on human lives despite the calls to modify its dam construction by multiple ASEAN countries.

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China refuses to join the Mekong River Commission as a member and refuses to provide transparency of information on the impacts that the existing and future dams have on the reversal of the flow in Tonle Sap Lake, which is vital to the fish resources (a major source of protein for the Cambodians).

The United States Lower Mekong Initiative was established and inaugurated by Secretary Hillary Clinton in 2008. This Initiative has attempted to bring focuses on a balance of power in this Southeast Asian region. However, China has completely ignored the Commission’s efforts. Its attitude is indicative of its superiority and its display of regional power that it is capable of strangling other nations’ economy and stability. The world community should not tolerate such a behavior and China should be dealt with accordingly.

We, the undersigned Cambodians, Cambodian-Americans, Americans and members of the international community, draw the attention of the United States Secretary of State Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton to the aforementioned issues and demand China To:

1. Join the Mekong River Commission (MRC) and comply with the Commission’s regulations,

2. Provide transparency on current and future dams and its ecological impacts.

3. Stop building more dams and to help protect fisheries resources and endangered species by implementing fish migration routes around all dams in the Mekong Watershed.

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