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Polis Diraja Malaysia

Malaysia: A disturbing 4-minute home video (link below) shows Ira beating, kicking, pinching, and throwing objects at the defenseless 8 month old baby.

Another person who is taping the action is heard telling Ira, to stop her cruel actions. Most of those who have watched the video are deeply enraged by both the mother and the video taper – the former for abusing the baby, and the latter for letting it happen without intervening.

The local Malaysian police have taken action against the woman and it is said that the woman was charged and jailed for 18 months in Petaling Jaya last year.

What is "new" is that the video has been released, is going viral, and gives us opportunity to protest against ALL child abuse, regardless of country or culture, and request appropriate sentences against perpetrators.

WARNING: video is disturbing and cannot be re-published at GoPetition.


'An estimated 57,000 children die each year from physical abuse'- World Health Organization

Child abuse is unfortunately a global situation and many cases of child abuse are seen on numerous occasions.

Sadly, the ACTUAL number of children abused may be much higher. The statistics only show the number of cases which are discovered, whereas there may be a high number of cases unrecognised- a prime example being 'Baby P'.

Therefore, the best way to tackle the situation is through deterrence by setting examples of severe punishment and consequences.

With such a video going viral (link above), it is important to take this opportunity to speak for the unspeakable and get this 8 month baby and many more around the world justice and to help show such behaviour is not only rejected but intolerable.

Please take a minute out of your time to sign this petition and help make a difference to stop child abuse and properly punish perpetrators.

Thank you.

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