Governor Pataki, New York State Legislature
United States of America

January 20, 2006

Far too many children in New York are being failed by the organizations that are set up to help them. Children are being abused on a daily basis.

The state has quoted over and over again that in every case where the report of failure in the intervention of a child abuse case is due to work overload. It's time for that to change.

How many more children must die like Nixzmary before they realize it? It's becoming increasingly evident that when reports are filed for suspected child abuse, Social Workers more often than not fail to follow up on them or in worse case scenerios fail to follow through and the child suffers more abuse or in the end the child dies.

Many times the courts return the children to the same parents that were abusing them. Again workers do not do a adequate job keeping track of these children. Again we ask, how many more children must die?

We, the undersigned, demand a complete overhaul of Child Protection Services. No more children should fall through the cracks of a broken system.

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