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Domestic abuse does not stop at the physicaly abused party, it contributes to the children involved mentally, which can be worse than the phisical.

I have been left mentaly scar'd by the mental abuse i received from my father, i am now 24 years of age and he still has a hold on me.

This issue has to be raised and help needs to be given to all the children who's lives are shattered by abusive parents mentaly or physicaly.

I call for anyone who feels the same, has been in the situation or can help me run a charitable organization to help people who suffer, to please give that help if they can.

Domestic abuse has to stop! For anyone reading this whose life has or is unbarable because of the physical or mental abuse you or your mother suffered, who feels they have no where to turn will understand why this issue has to be raised!

No more shame, we need more organizations and charites to help the sufferers of domestic abuse.

We say, It has to STOP!!

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