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Physical abuse refers to any non accidental physical act inflicted upon a child by a person having the care of a child. It is not always a result of intent to hurt a child but sometimes can be justified as being a form of discipline. However when it is fear based, and involves unpredictability or lashing out in anger, it constitutes physical abuse. Physical abuse is the type of abuse most likely to be accompanied by another form, specifically emotional abuse or neglect. When a parent or caregiver makes up an illness it is also considered physical abuse.

Adults who physically abuse children may have unrealistic expectations of their child, not understanding the child’s needs or how to interact with them. This can be fuelled by their own health, relationship, child abuse histories or manifest with emotional or behavioural challenges including anger management issues.

Emotional abuse!

Emotional abuse or maltreatment, also known as psychological abuse or maltreatment is the most common form of child abuse. It is also experienced by children witnessing domestic violence. While many parents are emotionally abusive without being violent or sexually abusive, emotional abuse often accompanies physical and sexual abuse. It includes acts of omission (what is not done) e.g. emotional neglect e.g. not expressing or showing love and affection and commission (what is done) e.g. rejection, humiliation, insults, setting unreasonable expectations or restricting opportunities for the child to learn, socialise or explore. Each can negatively impact a child’s self-esteem and social competence.

Sexual abuse
Child sexual abuse describes any incident in an adult, adolescent or child uses their power and authority to engage a minor in a sexual act, or exposes the minor to inappropriate sexual behaviour or material. A person may sexually abuse a child using threats and physical force, but sexual abuse often involves subtle forms of manipulation, in which the child is coerced into believing that the activity is an expression of love, or that the child bought the abuse upon themselves. Sexual abuse involves contact and non-contact offences.

Neglect can lead to emotional abuse as you can get bullied by being poor, fat, homeless and not fed well.
Neglect is When your family/ person looking after you, is not treating you as you should be treated as we all know we should have shelter we should be fed we should live how everyone else lives and we should go to school and do work like everyone else does. The bad thing about neglect is people who have these problems, might of been from a bad family or their parents might of been mentally ill. So if they’re mentally ill they can't really look after themselves or it is hard to look after themselves which means they can't look after their kids/ family.

Ways to stop child abuse….

Step 1: If you are ever getting abused tell people about it or police to stop it.
Step 2: Tell other family members.
Step 3: Stay away from them.
Step 4: Have fun with your friends and stay away from the person that is abusing you.
Step 5: If it gets too much then make a report on it or fight for fairness.

These are my 5 steps to stop child abuse and this is why you should sign this report/file/document, to pass it around to people and share to people to understand what child abuse is and how hard it can be to fix.

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