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"Now students tuck into halal meat pies"
By Vikki Campion
From: The Daily Telegraph
May 26, 2008"

The technique worked at Lurnea Public School, which has become the latest of an estimated 40 schools from kindergarten to university to bring in halal food.

Muslim students, who make up more than 30 per cent of the school's population, can now eat meat pies, lasagne and spaghetti bolognaise at the school.

"We found that we were not catering to this community and they were coming to the canteen and asking for halal food," relieving principal Sandra Forman said.

"The other students have found this food just as good." A Department of Education spokeswoman said individual school communities were responsible for the food in canteens.

Halal Certification Authority Australia chairman Hajj Mohamed El-Mouelhy said students as young as five had pestered canteen staff to change the menu.

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"Halal food in schools is becoming very popular, particularly in Sydney's west. We have been training tuckshop ladies in Campbelltown to teach them halal techniques," Mr El-Mouelhy said."

Do you live in Australia...

Are you sick and tired of the immigrants trying to change our ways?


I have nothing against immigrants as a person and welcome them to seek asylum but really. Trying to sing the Nation Anthem in other languages and they even want 2 of their own public holidays, because Christians have Christmas, Easter & Good Friday. Not to mention the foods they are putting into canteens and the walking down the street and hearing multiple language.

It's time to say (and I am not sorry if this offends anyone), this is MY COUNTRY, IF IT IS YOUR COUNTRY TOO SPEAK UP. Leave Aussie to the Aussies.

If you believe in this cause then sign this petition and see if we can make a change.

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