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Government of Canada

Canada’s seal hunt is a cruel and inhumane way to kill and hurt an innocent animal, and like many people, I want to put an end to it. Each year, baby seals are killed for their fur. Since, for every bullet hole, 2 dollars are taken off, most people prefer not to shoot them. Instead, they use clubs with metal hooks on the end to hit the seals with.

In fact, in 2001, an independent team of veterinarians studied the hunt and saw that the normal regulations and basic animal welfare rights weren’t being followed. Some of the seals had even been skinned while they were still alive.

Even when the hunting goes above the limit, the government doesn’t do anything to stop it. And if you’re wondering, stopping the seal hunt wouldn’t hurt Canada’s economy since it’s an off-season activity. Yet the government still provides thousands of dollars for the development of seal products. A lot of taxpayer money can go into this, too.

Hundreds of thousands of seals are killed each year. In the 2006 hunt, the government allowed a lot more than 350 000 seals to be clubbed and shot. The last time seals were killed like this, the harp seal population went down by almost two thirds. The actual number of seals killed is probably higher than this since many seals are wounded and left to fall into the water, where they die and are never recovered.

Nearly one million seals have been killed in the past the three years alone, and there’s more to come.

I, the undersigned, want to ask the Canadian government to permanently stop the inhumane killing of baby seals. If you feel that such cruelty should be stopped, then sign this petition and help make a difference.

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