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The Sun

For numerous times The Sun called Bryan McFadden fat and told people he should lose weight. Almost in every issue is one rticle or more saying he should lose weight or that he's fat.

Bryan McFadden isn't fat and it really hurts him, Kerry and also us.

We as fans are sick of it.

To the people of The Sun,
We as die-hard westlife fans are very sick of the fact that in almost every issue of The Sun is some article saying Bryan McFadden from Westlife is fat and should loose weight.

Bryan McFadden isn't fat at all! Bryan has a normal build, and looks very good. It hurts us and also Kerry, Bryan and his family and we definitely don't see the funny side of the fact to read it over and over again.

Stop bullying Bryan.

Plz if you agree with this, sign the petition.


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