#Students' Rights
Department of Children and Families and School Boards nation wide
United States of America

The viral video of the 9 year old Quaden Bayles has sparked many lives. Especially of those who have their children go through the same experience. Everyday bullies get away with bullying and it continues, nobody really knows why the child is bullying. Hurt people, Hurt people. Department of Children and Families intervene when there is a danger in a child's life, bullying is a danger for the Bully as well. There is an underlying issue causing the bullying if the bully continues to bully. Either the child is being abused and is taking it out on other children or a lack of parenting skills are being presented in the home and that affects the way they are disciplined. There is a reason the child is a bully and if the incident happens more than once. DCF should be called and they need to intervene. This is serious and something needs to be done.

We the parent's of the children who go to school everyday to learn but instead have to worry about being bullied, call on ALL THE SCHOOL BOARDS NATION WIDE AND DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES OR CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES (whatever your state refers It) to please make it protocol to notify DCF if the school has already made one attempt to stop the bullying and there is no outcome and the bully continues to bully. This needs to be made a mandatory protocol nation wide. This way the bully and the family gets the proper help and resources to stop the bullying. Many times there is abuse going on in the home or someway to the bully and that is why they are bullies. DCF needs to be notified on the 2nd bully incident to get down to the root of the problem. Sometimes it's not abuse being done to the child but a lack or discipline and thats where parenting skills come in. DCF needs to intervene make this a serious issue because we are losing too many lives because of this! And no do not close the case because you didn't find anything to worry about! Believe me there is something to worry about! The bully and the family need to get the proper resources whether it be counseling, therapy, parenting classes etc. to get down to the root of the problem. DCF needs to monitor the bully for 6months and see no sign of bullying for a continuance of 6months and if there is no bullying then close the case... Sometimes that's all a kid and a family needs to get down to the root of the issue and I believe this way will help to save many lives of those being bullied and also the bully. Like i previously mentioned hurt people, hurt people. We need to figure out what started the problem and FIX IT! DCF GET INVOLVED! ALL SCHOOLS TAKE THIS PROTOCOL AND MOVEMENT SERIOUS! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING! THIS WOULD BE A START! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETIOTION TO MAKE IT PROTOCOL TO GET THE BULLY THE HELP THEY NEED TO STOP BULLYING! IT NEEDS TO BE PROTOCOL. MORE THAN 1 BULLY INCIDENT DCF NEEDS TO GET INVOLVED ASAP AND NOT LEAVE THE BULLY'S SIDE FOR 6MONTHS. HOME VISITS, SCHOOL, VISITS. HELP THEM! SO ALL OUR KIDS CAN GO TO SCHOOL TO LEARN AND BE SAFE!

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