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Schools are getting on the "stop bullying train" but why not food establishments in which people would not normally think of as a breeding ground for such a subject.

I have on numerous occasions witnessed bullying at food establishments on many subjects, and it needs to be heard. This is not a one subject thing, weight, autism, behavioral problems, they all fit the problem at hand. I am pushing this subject due to my 5 year old being mocked and laughed at in a local McDonald's while eating her dinner. She should not be judged on mere appearance.

We, the voices of those who can not defend themselves, ask that the bullying of youth be recognized and heard in eating establishments such as fast food chains, diners, outdoor seating areas, restaurants, etc.. This is including but not limited to comments about weight, autism, and behavioral problems.

We ask that this subject be addressed by posting signs in public spaces (i.e. eating establishments) where they can be seen by all and will read as followed (may be reworded to fit establishment properly): "Any form of rude behavior towards other patrons will not be tolerated in this establishment."

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