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Petition to stop eradication of American Pit Bull Terriers and other breeds of dog due to Breed Specific Legislation (B.S.L.), A law unfairly targetting all responsible owners.

An owners understanding of dogs, supervision of dogs and children, sterilization and chaining as primary means of confinement all can play roles in attacks.

Aggressive dogs are found among any breed and cross breed.

B.S.L. is prejudicial in nature. It punishes dogs and owners who have done nothing wrong. It is discriminatory against people who choose to own a specific breed.

We, the undersigned, ask to change the Breed Specific Legislation ban on Pit Bull Terriers toan aggressive dog ban.

Enforcement of generic dangerous/aggressive dog laws, laws that hold owners accountable for the actions of their dogs regardless of breed.

Enforcement of leash laws.

Have a 3 strikes and you're out law for people who refuse to keep their dogs under control.

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The Stop B.S.L. for Pit Bull Terriers petition to B.S.L. was written by Melissa Hernandez and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.

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