#Consumer Affairs

As you know, when adjusting the volume on any IOS device, the volume indicator pops up, blocking the content you are trying to enjoy. This is frustrating, ridiculous and bad engineering. How can Apple - who gets so many things right - get this one thing SO wrong? We have no idea, but its been this way since iPhone 3.

Since they can't seem to figure this out, we need you to help us bring our exasperation to their attention. Please sign to let Apple know that they need to fix this ASAP.

We don't need to see a giant 2D speaker icon every time we want to hear Daredevil talk or listen to a cat singing on YouTube. There may be no issue as critical as this in our lifetime.

Please lend your voice to this cause.

We, the undersigned, are tired of having our content visually blocked by a huge 2D speaker, and we call on Apple to make the volume indicator more discrete.

C'mon guys, seriously how have you not noticed this?

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The Stop Blocking My Screen, Apple! petition to Apple was written by Morgan Slade and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.