Security Guards

Bill 159 ~ Ontario Certification Exams for Security Industry Professionals.

You will need to get between 55% and 75% to pass the Ontario Exam. Each ministry test will cost $60 although you can try as many times as you like. Each attempt will cost $60.

You could end up paying hundreds of dollars to pass. If you don’t get a passing grade, before your next renewal you will have to take the 40 hour Ministry mandated course that will cost you between $250 and $400. You will also be left out of work while completing this training.

BILL 159 requires Security Guards be subject to testing that goes above and beyond their call of duty. The questions range from types of offences to The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. None of which should concern a Security guard.

Security guards do not receive proper training, tools or wages from their companies to enter high risk situations. Should a security guard come into contact with an event where they may need to know answers to what is being asked of them in the Ontario Certification Exams for Security Industry Professionals, they can CALL THE POLICE! Who I might add are trained, equipped and paid enough to handle these circumstances.

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