#Local Government
London Borough of Barnet Council
United Kingdom

Barnet Council are proposing to:

1. Increase the cost of resident parking permits from £42 to £100 (1st car) and £75 to £125 (second car).

2. Increase the cost of visitor vouchers from £10 per book to £48 per book (Camden charges £5.60!).

3. Remove the 15 minute minimum stay at pay and display machines (currently £0.35p) and replace it with £1 minimum half hour stay.

4. Remove all free bays within resident’s controlled parking zones in the borough as a blanket policy. Whilst such changes may be required on a case by case basis, this cannot be justified as a sweeping borough wide policy. Many people rely on these bays for visitors and workmen and combined with the above proposals, this will leave the residents out of pocket!

In addition, Barnet now require motorists to pay for Pay & Display by telephone where vending machines are broken. Where have we been notified of this policy!? Not all motorists carry phones and credit cards and this policy penalises us for broken machines!

We the undersigned strongly object to Barnet Council’s abovementioned aggressive and discriminatory policies toward motorists!

The Stop Barnet Council’s Increased Motoring Taxes petition to London Borough of Barnet Council was written by jeremy Czerkas and is in the category Local Government at GoPetition.