#Animal Welfare
South Australian parliament

I have recently lost my puppy due to the mis treatment he received, the man who sold him to me has been breeding and selling sick puppies for years and is still getting away with it to this date, I know of numerous people who have had issues with him and many other breeders like him and the RSPCA can't do anything about these dodgy breeders who aren't caring for the puppies properly because the laws aren't strong enough!

The world would be a better place if we all knew that we could rely on the law to ensure that our puppies are well bred and cared for! we need to stand up for the puppies who can't stand up for themselves!

We the Australian public want to see an enforcement of a law which clearly states that all humans selling or breeding canines of any kind must have a permit created by the RSPCA to do so.

All canines sold must also be thoroughly vet checked and must be in a satisfactory state of health in accordance with the veterinarian guide lines prior to being sold, all illnesses must be seen to and treated and living conditions of all canines must be clean and approved by the RSPCA before any breeding commences or any puppies begin to be sold from the property. The RSPCA will also hold the right to revoke permits if deemed necessary.

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