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As of March 2007, the local ASDA store of North Hykeham Lincoln in the UK refused to allow school students onto their premises without an adult present and are refusing to serve these individuals even when they do get in.

Reasoning behind this swift decision is still unknown but appears to range from security to healthy eating. There was no communication between any members of the schools apart from the headteachers and students were only informed once the decision had been made.

We, the undersigned, hereby petition ASDA to allow unaccompanied school students back on to the premises of their North Hykeham store. If such action is not possible we wish for a greater amount of communication between the store management and students who attend the schools in question.

Please sign this petition if you belive that students deserve to have a say in the workings of their community before action is finalised.
Thank you,
The Undersigned

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